Non Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Systems are a positive option for those seeking a solution to hair loss. A pain free way of replacing your lost hair. If you would like to know more about this system please contact the advice line and our replacement specialist will be happy to answer any questions you have.
Prices range from £400 – £900 for the hair piece. Additionally, a routine visit to remove, clean and monitor the underlying hair growth is required. A nominal fee of £49.00 is applied.

Non Surgical Hair Replacement Procedure – A thin transparent layer of polyurethane is positioned on the scalp, forming a tight membrane which acts as ‘a second layer of skin’. The non hair replacement system membrane is implanted with human hair, that matches the patients existing hair characteristics. These detailed design specifications include a site specific colour match, density selection, direction of implant, hair wave, as well as crown and parting breaks among other features.

The transparent polyurethane membrane, known as liquid skin, allows the patients underlying scalp skin to be visible, providing a natural appearance at the crown and partings. Undoubtedly the strength of modern non surgical hair replacement is its non-intrusive attachment, enabling the user to participate in sporting and water activities with complete comfort and confidence. Non surgical hair replacement procedures are the choice of a number of celebrities and sportsmen.

Continued technological advancements have culminated in modern non hair replacement systems that supersede the infamous hair pieces of yesteryear. Users of hair replacement systems find traditional terminology such as hair piece, toupee and wig derogatory to the quality and concept of modern non hair replacement systems. The non surgical hair replacement procedure is after all a far superior and more advanced version of the original hair piece.

Construction of the membrane involves creating an exact template, or mould, of the patients scalp. This ensures a perfect fit with the area of scalp requiring hair replacement. Customized scalp templates enable hair replacement in only the scalp area subject to hair loss. Thus, patients can successfully restore bi-lateral temporal recession, crown (vertex) thinning, and in more advanced cases enable the gradual restoration of a full head of hair.

Off-the-Shelf membranes are available at a cheaper cost.

Modern non surgical hair replacement techniques bond the system to the scalp with a translucent, hypoallergenic medical adhesive. This provides a skin-tight adhesion with the perimeter of healthy terminal hairs, shaven to 2mm, surrounding the area requiring replacement. The procedure is painless, non-intrusive and the adhesive is resilient to sweat and water. A porous membrane allows the epidermis to breath and aids cleanliness.

Hair replacement systems need to be detached, cleaned and reattached approximately every four weeks. Following reattachment of the system, the existing scalp hair needs to be re-blended to ensure a perfect integration.





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